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Apex Sports Suspension

APEX suspension products

APEX® International is a motor car suspension company that specialises in designing and producing its own sports coil springs.  All of their activities and know-how are fully focused on producing sport suspension. Better handling, ride quality and refinement is only achieved by a dedicated specialists like APEX®, who have knowledge in house from a team of experienced shock absorber and sports coil spring specialists.  Once the spec is decided on a team of test drivers with race experience are used to further hone the spec.  Apex suspension know how has its roots back in the early 1980's when Apex started to supply racing coil springs for Group A Touring cars. Since those early years, Apex has amassed extensive experience in design and manufacture of all kinds of sport lowering springs.

Apex’s stated aim has always been to deliver the best. Their state-of-the-art production plant and test facilities are operating under stringent DIN ISO 9001:2000 quality control systems. A five year, unlimited mileage guarantee is backs up the Apex commitment to quality. APEX® Sport Spring kit is designed to easily replace the standard springs on your car.  It will typically lower the car by -30mm to -40 mm.  The sports spring kit not only improves your cars' handling, response and grip, but adds an extra touch of style that will make your car stand out from the rest of the crowd. The ride quality will be a little firmer “sportier”, but never too harsh to make the car uncomfortable.  Car coil springs are deceivingly simple in shape but have a major influence on a cars ride and handling.  Getting it right involves designers who have a good perception of a car's behaviour, analyze it correctly and have a clear idea of the modifications required to improve the design.  APEX employs staff that are able to easily improve the standard equipment coil springs and provide an optimized and refined solution.


APEX lowering springs
APEX coil springs are cold wound, using the highest quality Chrome-Silicon steel.  Experienced operators use WAFIOS FUL 10 CNC springs coilers making sure that APEX quality is always within the stringent production tolerances demanded.  All Apex lowering springs are heat treated for maximum strength and durability.  Maximum durability is achieved through shot-peening and where needed, sports springs have ground ends and are pre-set to avoid sagging. APEX springs receive an elaborate zinc phosphate treatment prior to coating with a bright epoxy finish that assures a tough top coat that remains shiny for years. All of APEX spring designs are rigorously tested on durability test beds to ensure long spring life. The research and development department uses the latest computer aided test equipment to be able to offer you the best product possible.  Only after their final quality check are APEX lowering springs marked with their identification code and the all important Apex logo.

*Reduces Roll *Increases stability *Gives your car a sporty look

APEX Sport Suspension Kits
Apex suspension engineers translate experience gained in the worlds motor sport arenas to produce superb suspension products. They always opt for the most advanced and reliable methods of production using only the best materials. It's possible that in daily driving you may encounter risky situations which demand the most of you and the handling of your car. It is reassuring to know that once equipped with Apex suspension your car is capable of responding rapidly and reliably. The Apex Sport Kit consists of four sports Apex lowering springs matched to four special Apex up rated high performance gas pressurized shock absorbers.  The shock absorbers are gas assisted uprated and have a reduced piston rod stroke.  Apex dampers are tuned for a more sporting performance than the car’s original equipment dampers can muster.  When combined with matching Apex sports springs, these shock absorbers will improve the dynamic driving qualities of your car, while still maintaining driving comfort.
Fitting an Apex Sport suspension kit to your car lowers its centre of gravity and as a result of this the car's road holding is considerably improved. The benefits: the car is not only safer; it is also more of a pleasure to drive and heads will turn as you drive by with the cars lowered stance.

*Reduces Roll*Increases stability *Reduces Braking Distance *Gives Your Car A Sporty Look

Apex XForce coilover Kit
The Apex XForce Coilover suspension Kit includes four small diameter lowering springs, matched to shock absorbers that have adjustable spring seats on the main part of the shocker body.  These allow the owner to adjust the cars ride height by moving the spring seats either up or down the shock absorber body.  APEX XForce Kits offer full adjustability of the damping rate (stiffness) and the ride height.  Both adjustments are easily performed without the need to remove the suspension from the car. The shock absorbers are adjustable in numerous positions, so they allow their owner to fine tune the suspension to a preferred combination of handling and ride. The Apex suspension engineers have drawn directly on experience gained in motorsport when they developed the Apex XForce Coilover suspension Kit. The extreme demands motor racing puts through a suspension system has led Apex to use the most advanced and precise methods of production using only the best materials. This is to ensure that only the best quality is made available. This Quality translates into durability and owner satisfaction from the Apex Xforce kit. The increased spring rates are tuned to produce stronger feedback and razor sharp handling when combined with fast road tyres. Grip all times is what Apex has in mind when refining spring and damper rates.  Whether you are driving at speed along winding country roads or performing an emergency lane change on the motorway you'll notice the difference with Apex Xforce suspension fitted to your car.

*Reduces Roll *Increases Stability *Adjustable Ride Height *Adjustable Rate

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