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Dezent Alloy Wheels

DEZENT Alloy Wheels are based in the Sauerland region in Germany. This is the heart of the metal-working industry for the German automobile accessories after market. This is where high quality engineering standards are developed for alloy wheels with the tag “made in Germany” is famous for all over the world. Not so long ago alloy wheels were considered a luxury item for high-end and luxury-class cars. The DEZENT broad product portfolio and fair price policy have helped to make alloy wheels more affordable for cars of all sizes and classes. Additional benefits for customers are they can express their individuality through their cars with DEZENT alloy wheels.

The extremely popular wheel design Dezent F is an alloy wheel that creates a visually harmonious effect, giving almost every car a sporty and elegant look. The Dezent T, features a dynamic spoke design, is another sales hit. Dezent M and Dezent R alloy wheels meet the needs of modern SUVs, while our Dezent V gives smaller cars a powerful motorsport flavour. The Dezent V also comes as the Dezent V dark featuring a black finish. The Dezent A wheel design is the first wheel to be manufactured with the specially developed Nano tec finish, making it easier to clean. DEZENTs years of expertise, experience in planning, logistics and the capacity to store large stocks of alloy wheels ensures that DEZENT products are readily available. Nano tec Brilliant Silver is a wheel finish manufactured using nanotechnology that is designed to repel brake dust and road grime. The DEZENT Nano tec finish was specially developed by their experts in the DEZENT Production department. DEZENT is the first company world-wide to use nanotechnology in wheel finishes. This very special finish has a very low surface energy allowing it to repel water creating a beading where water flows off the surface. This means that oily substances such as road grime and brake dust no longer stick to the alloy wheel surface, making the wheel easier to clean. In addition the Nano tec Brilliant Silver finish is scratch-resistant and extremely tough. It is also heat-resistant another property that the world has come to expect from high-quality DEZENT alloy wheels.

Alloy Wheel Design The story of an Alloy Wheel begins with the design idea. Design specification documentation is produced outlining the basic style; appearance and the technical structure of the alloy wheel either one section, two section or multi-section. These ideas are then brought to life using specialised CAD computer software which creates a 3D model for testing. The computer software allows the alloy wheel to be turned three dimensionally and allows improvements to be made to the design easily.

Spoke stress An Alloy Wheel faces enormous pressures. During testing Dezents models are pushed far more than any actual strain the wheel would face in reality. During testing pressures are applied to the 3D wheel model in computer simulations this calculates tension and material warping. The computer displays resulting changes in the alloy wheel using different colours and finishes. The areas that are subjected to the greatest amount of stress are shown in red, while stress-free areas are shown in green.

TÜV Testing Every alloy wheel made by DEZENT undergoes stringent TÜV testing as a matter of course. This guarantees a high level of wheel safety for manyyears. The most important of the TÜV tests are:

•Fatigue test

•Rolling test

•Impact test

•Test drive Fatigue Testing

The fatigue test simulates the lateral forces which act upon the alloy wheel when it is driven around a bend. Each alloy wheel is mounted on its inner rim flange using a tension ring and then subjected to a rotating bending moment throughout the mounting surface of the alloy wheel.

Rolling Test During this test the alloy wheel is tested for stress performance while being driven in a straight line or around a bend.

Impact Test The Impact test simulates the impact between a curb and an alloy wheel. A wedge-shaped hammer is used to strike both a spoke and the valve twice.

Test Drive The alloy wheels test drive involves testing an example of each wheel design on every vehicle in the market. The test also determines wheel offset, tyre sizes and any body modification required.

Using your Alloy Wheels in winter Caveat: No Dezent alloy wheel is manufactured exclusively for winter use. A wheel’s suitability for use in winter i.e. resistance to road salt and dirt is determined by the quality and coating strength of the clear lacquer finish. DEZENT uses a special high-quality finish developed to withstand tough winter conditions. The objective is to strike a compromise between the strength and elasticity of the finish. There are several non standard ways test these properties. The toughest test is certainly the Jaguar drop test. During this a steel nut is dropped from a height of 4m down a tube so that it hits the wheel, testing it to make sure the finish does not chip.

Protection from salt: All DEZENT alloy wheels pass the salt-spray test. During this test the finish on the wheel is scratched on purpose and then sprayed with an acidic solution. It is then placed in a plastic container for around 300 hours. This test is to demonstrate clearly the high quality of the finish.

Snow chains: Although unusual in the UK snow chains, when mounted properly and at the right time, they are not a problem for DEZENT alloy wheels. Depending on the vehicle, DEZENT pays special attention to make sure that snow chain access is included in the TÜV certification.

Cleaning, Care and Storage of Alloy Wheels Specially designed cleaners and cleaning cloths have been developed for alloy wheels by many companies. At no time it is recommended to use aggressive chemicals such as acid or alkaline solutions. Also avoid using scouring agents or similar substances as they will ruin the appearance of the wheel. When storing the wheels during the winter season, they should be cleaned first and polished and kept in a dry place.

We have many performance tyre brands available, please contact us for advice on tyre sizing and tyre brand.  All built packages come fitted and balanced with appropriate nuts, bolts and reduction rings were required.

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