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KW Sports Suspension

KW suspension

The KW suspension range has been developed to cover the vast majority of performance car applications.  The initials KW, and the trademark colours of yellow and purple, stand for individuality, quality and safety.  The aim of the KW suspension range is to use expertise gained from Motorsport and translate it into fast road performance.  Using top-quality materials a complete, vehicle specific suspension range has been produced.  These suspension products improve car looks and handling characteristics matching OEM quality.  The range includes lowering spring kits, suspension kits and coilover suspension kits.  Please view our suspension guide for further information on this product range.

Vehicle specific applications
• Visual and dynamic improvement
• High-quality materials
• Excellent price/performance ratio

KW suspensions lowering springs
KW suspensions lowering springs are designed to reduce the ride height of the car from -40mm to -60mm.  In addition to the improved look of he car, the lowered centre of gravity increases agility and reduces body roll when cornering. Lowering springs up to -40mm can be used with the o/e dampers. It is recommended however that you use shortened piston rod dampers and is a compulsory requirement when lowering further than -40mm.

• Ride Height Lowering 40mm-60 mm
• Lowered centre of gravity
• Improved look
• Reduced body roll
• OEM quality

KW Sports Shock Absorbers
KW suspensions sports shock absorbers (suspension dampers) are produced in colabration with AL-KO to meeting the requirements of a modern, high performance shock absorber.  All KW sports shock absorbers are designed and tuned specifically for each individual application. KW engineers rely on knowledge gained from suspension developed in the motorsport arena to find the perfect solution for each application.  Extensive road testing is performed to fine hone the original design. The twin tube gas shock absorbers are designed with hardened, chrome plated piston rods, which offer the best protection against corrosion and road debris.
An innovative monoblock guide and seal construction is designed to increase pressure resistance and friction reduction which improves shock absorber efficiency. The Teflon seal on the piston rod reduce to a minimum loss due to friction, and provide a temperature resistant, durable sports shock absorber.  KW sports shock absorbers are built with a shortened stroke piston rod to optimise stroke ratios and ensure the sports springs are pretensioned.  A large proportion of KW rear shock absorbers are built with adjustable lower spring seats.  The adjustment is made moving a collar in one of 5 slots.

• Vehicle specific applications
• Evolved from motorsport
• Road tested for ultimate road-holding
• V-shaped Teflon Piston rod seals
• Chrome plated piston rods
• Shortened piston rod stoke

KW full suspension kit

KW suspension full suspension kits include high quality lowering springs matched with KW sports shock absorbers.  The shock absorbers have a shortened piston rod stroke to work with the new lowered ride height. The suspension kits are extensively road tested to achieve the best match between the shock absorbers and the lowering springs.  This produces a significant improvement in handling, grip, balance and road-holding without the loss of ride comfort.

• Lowering springs matched with sports shock absorbers
• Shortened stroke shock absorbers
• Optimum interaction between shock absorber / spring unit
• Significant improvements in handling and road holding
• Negligible loss of ride comfor

KW Coilover suspension kits
KW Coilover suspension kits are produced for a large numbers of performance cars.  During the manufacture of KW Coilover suspension kits, only the highest quality materials are used.  KW are renowned for producing suspension kits that allow buyers to adjust the vehicle ride height and fine tune other critical settings.  Ride height adjustments can be easily achieved by moving the purple coloured aluminium spring seats by upwards or downwards on the specially designed stainless steel exterior thread.  The yellow coil spring is either compressed or allowed to expand allowing vehicle ride height to be set exactly where the buyer wants it to be.  Three different damping systems are available with KW Coilover suspension kits Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3.  All variants include high-quality yellow coil springs, purple aluminium components and bump stops with integrated dust covers.  With the complete range of options a suspension solution can be found for every customer.

• Infinitely adjustable ride height
• Shortened struts for increased spring travel
• Three different damping variants
• Bump stops with integrated dust covers
• Inox-line stainless steel strut body
• Anodized aluminium spring seats
• High-quality racing coil springs
• Chrome plated piston rods
• Special guide and sealing systems

KW Variant 1
Ride height adjustable
KW Variant 1 is the ideal coilover suspension kit for fast road use with ride height adjustment.  The kit is designed for buyers wanting to rely on the expertise of KW engineers to set the damper rate for the best balance between sporty road driving, ride comfort and safety.

KW Variant 2
Ride height, rebound adjustable
The system intended for the more experienced buyer wanting to not only choose the ride height of their car but also adjust the rebound force.  This allows you to tune the handling and ride comfort to your personal preference

KW Variant 3
Ride height, rebound and compression adjustable
The KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit offers buyers state-of-the-art technology and is designed for experienced buyers. The separate and independent compression and rebound damper settings can be adjusted to suit the driver.  The patented valve design reduces body roll, squat and dive and allows fine tuning to your specific requirements.

KW street comfort
The Street comfort kit is aimed at the customer who wants a coilover kit with the benefits of adjustable ride height and rebound but prefers the damping rate to be customised towards ride comfort.  The KW street comfort coilover suspension kit offers ride height lowering of between -5mm to -45mm depending on the application. 

• Maximum ride comfort for a perfect performance and more driving pleasure
• Lowering of -5mm to -45mm
• Reduced body roll
• Easy height adjustment
• Adjustable rebound damping

KW Clubsport
The new KW Clubsport is inspired by motorsport applications and is designed for race track and fast road use.  One of the most popular places to put KW Clubsport to the through its paces is the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife were modified saloons, sports cars and classic cars are tuned for weight reduction, engine and suspension performance.  In this environment road settings take a back seat to springs and dampers optimised for use on the track. For buyers requiring this set up KW offers Clubsport suspension kits which are adapted to the changed requirements by changing spring and damper set up and including racing top mounts.

• Tuned for the racetrack
• Adjustable Dampers for compression and rebound forces 
• High performance linear race coil springs
• Available with racing top mounts

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