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Scorpion Performance Exhausts

Scorpion performance exhausts
All Scorpion
performance exhausts are designed and manufactured using CNC technology to high standards at their state of the art facility based solely in the UK.  This is unlike some   brands were manufacturing takes place in the Far East which can lead to mixed quality issues.  Scorpion have many years of experience in performance exhaust manufacturing.

Scorpion is constantly developing and tuning performance exhaust systems and manifolds for the latest modified and performance cars on our UK market.  Built to exacting standards as demanded by the aftermarket performance scene, all Scorpion exhausts are designed to offer optimum performance, great style long life and durability.  Each application is designed on a sample vehicle, using this information a jig is built were exacting replicas can be produced this ensures perfect product fit each time.

Scorpion performance exhausts are engineered to look awesome with polished T304 mirror polished stainless steel used for tail pipe design.  The same High quality T304 mirror polished stainless steel is used for the sports silencers and free flow tubing which is heavy gauge and thick walled for durability, in fact Scorpion exhausts easily outlasts standard replacement exhausts and are back up with a lifetime warranty for as long as you it. To get the most power from your cars engine less restriction in the exhaust system components is crucial.  Every Scorpion performance exhaust is designed to increase engine power by being less restrictive than standard, with sports high flow silencers and free flow pipe work.  With some of the restriction removed back pressure is reduced giving noticeable power gains and a deeper louder bass tone exhaust note which is bound to impress.

Back Box
Replacing the o/e back box with a Scorpion performance rear silencer is the perfect first mod for any car. Fot those looking to keep on the right side of a new car warranty it also make sense. The extensive Scorpion performance exhaust range range of hand-fabricated back boxes are precision engineered here in the UK to offer a perfect fit to your o/e exhaust, as well as other standard inlet aftermarket exhaust systems. Once fitted you get a performance gain, great looks from the range of tail pipe designs and the distinctive Scorpion deep bass exhaust note.

Cat Back system
Want to extract a little more power from your car? A Scorpion performance system is the perfect compromise, leaving the factory catalysts in place and bolting directly to the o/e exhaust system. Many Scorpion exhaust systems omit the centre cat or silencer for improved gasflow and sound. But retain the primary cat leaving the car fully road legal. Scorpion performance exhaust systems give noticeable power gains, most follow a similar route under car as a standard system.  For some applications Scorpion design their systems to follow a different route to allow better shaped bends for power gains.  The cat back system does just that, it runs from your catalyst to the back of the car and typically includes the pipe work with a central silencer and a performance back box.

Decat System
The ultimate performance upgrade a full de-cat system is aimed squarely at the true enthusiast. Expect impressive power gains when upgrading to these systems, with turbocharged applications capable of 30-40 bhp increase on certain cars. Please note that these systems may not be street legal in all markets.

Sports Cat
You can of course fit a Scoprion sports cat which gives the performance increase and still leaves the car fully road legal.  Fully MOT and road legal, these systems offer 90-95% of the gasflow improvement of a de-cat system, yet remove any of the potential legal pitfalls. Generally quieter than a non-catalysed set-up, these systems can often be the perfect solution for track day monsters looking to stay under the noise regs.

Scorpion performs in more way than one
Scorpion offer high quality performance exhaust products that will really impress with their awesome looks from polished tail pipes, sound great with a deep bass exhaust notes, give power gains with brilliantly engineered free flow components and best of all they are available at surprisingly affordable prices for stainless steel.

*Great Looks *Great Power *Great Sound

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